You know that one entrepreneur you love-slash-hate to follow because her life just seems so perfect? 

She’s constantly jetting off to some exotic country, working 4 hour weeks running a multi-million dollar business, and looking like Becky With The Good Hair.

She must have won the golden ticket to life, while the rest of us have to get by with mediocrity. Right?

Not by a long shot. 

I’m a firm believer that there’s enough of that good je ne sais quoi to go around. 

Some call it manifestation, mindfulness, or hippie sh*t... I think of it as a combination of optimism and living life with intention. 

This blog is an exploration of my passions — design, branding, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness — and how they all come together. 



Hey, I’m Anika.



I spend my days as a graphic designer for BigCommerce, an ecommerce platform for small to mid-sized businesses. See my work here.


I help entrepreneurs build mindful brands & booming businesses through my blog and side biz, Incandescent Creative. 


I get creative contentment from experimenting with mixology, planning a theme party, or arranging (and re-arranging) the house I share with my husband and two fur-children.



Made it all the way to the bottom and still wondering how to say my name? Anika is pronounced like Monica without the M. 😉