Wedding Belles Events


Brand, Web & Print


Wedding Belles Events is a wedding and event planning company based in Alabama. The owner, Katie approached me about a brand refresh and website redesign. She wanted a brand aesthetic that was feminine, romantic, and rustic that reflected her philosophy of how weddings, like marriages are “partly imperfect but still beautiful.”




Case Study


Why did you decide to start your business?

I minored in entrepreneurship in school so I always knew I wanted to have my own business. When I got married, I had so much fun planning my wedding and felt like there was a void and had a way to fill it; jumped into it; read a ton of books, found a mentor.


What was your process for creating your first brand identity (logo & website)? 

Purchased first website on Fiverr; picked a few stock photos "looking back, they were super dated, like straight 1990s and I was like, why did I pick that?!" 

Why did you decide to rebrand?  

It was just time; I had just thrown something together knowing it wasn't long-term; I wanted to look more professional, I felt like I worked really hard on my business and I wanted a brand that represented that.

How has your new logo & website affected your business? 

Honestly a huge part of why my business has done as well as it has is because of my branding and website. So many brides come to me and tell me how they loved my website. I get emails every week from brides wanting to get started without even knowing my pricing. Brides will even change their wedding date to fit around my schedule! I was amazed at how high ranked my website was after the redesign — even though I haven't been active on social media or my blog. Google even uses my website to promote their services to other wedding planners in my area, like ‘don’t you want your website to perform as well as Wedding Belles?’

how has Your rebrand affected how you feel about your business? 

Your website is like your  business card times a million. After my rebrand, any bride that emailed me I felt like I didn't have to sell myself. Most people that come to me are ready to work with me, and that it makes me feel really good. My website and brand has sold them before they contacted me!

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs considering a rebrand? 

You cannot put a price on your online presence and the perception of your brand — you just cannot put a price on that. The value that it will bring is tremendous. I mean, you critique other people based on their brand, so you know that others are doing the same. When you care that much  and put that much care into your marketing or your brand, people are going to assume you care that much about your product or service. 

Takeaway: more hands-off in business; her website and brand does the marketing and selling for her. She now only works with the clients she really wants to work with – her dream clients. Owner of Wedding Belles Events since 2012. Rebranded in 2013. 30 weddings a year. Featured in Wedding Star magazine (2017).