Brand Discovery guide & interactive workbook

Brand Discovery guide & interactive workbook


A step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs who want to build an authentic brand and attract their ideal clients.

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    Brand Discovery walks you through my proven process of developing one-of-a-kind brands. 

    The result?

    Clarity + confidence in your business, plus a complete brand personality that creates an emotional connection with your ideal clients. 


    In this 16-page guide, you’ll learn . . .

    + How you influence your business’s brand (and why you’re a key component) 

    + Exactly who your target audience is and how to use your brand to turn them into happy clients 

    + The secret behind creating a universally recognizable personality for your brand

    + How to create an authentic brand identity that stands out from the competition 


    Brand Discovery is perfect for you if . . .

    • You’re an entrepreneur selling services and/or digital products online
    • You’re struggling to define your target audience
    • You know that branding is important but feel stuck figuring out who the heck your brand even is
    • You’re willing to put in the work but need the guidance of a professional (and don’t have thousands of dollars to pay an agency)



    30-day money back guarantee