Anika Samples, founder & designer of Incandescent Creative

Hey! I’m Anika

I create stand-out brands for entrepreneurs ready to up-level their online business. 

I stumbled upon my passion for branding while in college and interning at a local start-up. I loved figuring out how to translate an intangible brand into a tangible experience. And when I saw the very real impact it had on business, I was hooked. (That little start-up was featured on Shark Tank and received an offer from Mr. Wonderful.)

Since 2011, I’ve helped over 20 small businesses build brands they love and businesses they’re proud of.

Are you ready to take the first step towards building your booming business? 


Katie Theuer, owner of Wedding Belles Events
Anika is wonderful to work with and I have recommended her to many people. She is professional, responsible, and so, so talented! She’s always coming up with new ideas and offering suggestions on ways to make your brand stand out. Her work speaks for itself — she has a great eye for detail and a beautiful design aesthetic.
— Katie, Owner of Wedding Belles Events


What I believe

Good Vibes Only

Our minds are powerful. Live life with intention. Be mindful. Be grateful. (I’ve also been told I can be annoyingly optimistic. #sorrynotsorry) 


Respect is key in any relationship. I believe in always being understanding, open-minded, and kind.

Pop That Bubbly

Life is short! It’s important to recognize and celebrate the good things that happen, no matter how small. 


Who do I work with?

Entrepreneurs, go-getters, and pick-your-own-adventurers doing what they love for a living

Women who want a stand-out brand that’s as genuine as she is

Believers in the power of design


What exactly do I do?

I design logos, websites, and brand materials including business cards, social media graphics, and marketing content

I help entrepreneurs gain clarity + focus and find the quickest path to success through brand their strategy

I share tips + resources about branding, design, and business (right here)